Thermally stable zinc hydride catalyst for hydrosilylation of CO2 to silyl formate at atmospheric pressure

Neutral zinc complexes supported by H[PNNO], a diaminophenolate ligand bearing a pendant phosphine group, were synthesized and characterized. The phosphine arm adopts two different configurations in solution and prevents aggregation. The monomeric zinc hydride complex is stable at elevated temperatures up to 125 °C and reacts readily with CO2 to afford a zinc formate complex. The zinc hydride is active for CO2 hydrosilylation at atmospheric CO2 pressure and is selective for CO2 reduction to the silyl-formate product.


Jun 9 2022 - 12:00pm to 3:00pm
Hyuk Joon Jung
UBC Chemistry (Mehrkrhodavandi Group)


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Congratulations Undergraduate Research Award Winners!

At the CHEM 449 & RLE Reception, we presented the following awards to selected students who have made outstanding contributions towards undergraduate research in the department. 

Congratulations to Jane Fu and Nicole Removski for...