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von Ahsen, B. ; Bach, C. ; Balzer, G. ; Bley, B. ; Bodenbinder, M. ; Hagele, G. ; Willner, H. ; Aubke, F. Dynamic C-13 Nmr Studies Of Ligand Exchange In Linear (D(10)) Silver(I) And Gold(I) And Square-Planar (D(8)) Rhodium(I) Homoleptic Metal Carbonyl Cations In Superacidic Media. Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 2005, 43, 520-527.
Zhang, D. L. ; Heubes, M. ; Hagele, G. ; Aubke, F. A F-19 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Study Of The Conjugate Bronsted-Lewis Superacid Hso3F-Sbf5. Part 1. Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 1999, 77, 1869-1886.
Bodenbinder, M. ; Willner, H. ; Aubke, F. The Use Of Fluorosulfuric Acid, Magic Acid And Liquid Antimony(V) Fluoride As Media To Generate, Stabilize And Study Metal-Carbonyl Cations. Journal of Fluorine Chemistry 1995, 71, 201-202.