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Graham, P. A. ; Buschhaus, M. S. A. ; Pamplin, C. B. ; Legzdins, P. Reactivity Of Cp*mo(No)(= Chcme3) With Olefins And Dienes: C-H Activation Reactions Of Molybdenacyclobutanes. Organometallics 2008, 27, 2840-2851.
Fryzuk, M. D. ; Duval, P. B. ; Mao, S. ; Zaworotko, M. J. ; Macgillivray, L. R. Mechanistic Studies Of The Formation Of Zirconium Alkylidene Complexes [Eta(5)-C5H3-1,3-(Sime2Ch2Ppr2I)(2)]Zr=Chr(Cl) (R = Ph, Sime3). Journal of the American Chemical Society 1999, 121, 2478-2487.