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Fyfe, C. A. ; Skibsted, J. ; Schwieger, W. Solid-State Nmr Characterization Of The Mineral Searlesite And Its Detection In Complex Synthesis Mixtures. Inorganic Chemistry 2001, 40, 5906-5912.
Fyfe, C. A. ; Bretherton, J. L. ; Lam, L. Y. Solid-State Nmr Detection, Characterization, And Quantification Of The Multiple Aluminum Environments In Us-Y Catalysts By Al-27 Mas And Mqmas Experiments At Very High Field. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2001, 123, 5285-5291.
Fyfe, C. A. ; Altenschildesche, H. M. Z. ; Skibsted, J. Characterization Of Na5P3O10 Polymorphs By Na-23 Mas, Na-23 Mqmas, And P-31 Mas Nmr Spectroscopy. Inorganic Chemistry 1999, 38, 84-92.
Fyfe, C. A. ; Wongmoon, K. C. ; Huang, Y. ; Grondey, H. ; Mueller, K. T. Dipolar-Based Al-27-]Si-29 Solid-State Nmr Connectivity Experiments In Zeolite Molecular-Sieve Frameworks. Journal of Physical Chemistry 1995, 99, 8707-8716.