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Carl Michal


Research and Teaching Interests

My research group studies a wide variety of materials, primarily using solid-state NMR.

Current materials we are working on include resilin, an outstanding rubber protein from insects, electrospun spider silk, nano-crystalline cellulose, and polypyrrole, a conducting polymer.

We also work on NMR methods development.

I am actively recruiting new graduate students.

Please see my research web page here. or get in touch with me at: michal


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Hennings 411
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Terpstra, A. S. ; Shopsowitz, K. E. ; Gregory, C. F. ; Manning, A. P. ; Michal, C. A. ; Hamad, W. Y. ; Yang, J. ; MacLachlan, M. J. Helium Ion Microscopy: A New Tool For Imaging Novel Mesoporous Silica And Organosilica Materials. Chemical Communications 2013, 49, 1645.


Hui, J. K. - H. ; Frischmann, P. D. ; Tso, C. - H. ; Michal, C. A. ; MacLachlan, M. J. Spontaneous Hierarchical Assembly Of Crown Ether-Like Macrocycles Into Nanofibers And Microfibers Induced By Alkali-Metal And Ammonium Salts. Chemistry–A European Journal 2010, 16, 2453-2460, S2453/1-S2453/11.

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