Chemistry Department: Return to Research

Chemistry Department: Return to Research

COVID-19 Update: Return to Research

Jun. 8, 2020 – 1:30 p.m. PDT

The Department of Chemistry is working on a phased plan to return to research following the curtailment of research activities on March 24. We are currently entering Phase 1 of this process with the first day of return to research on Wednesday, June 10. As health and safety are the top priority in the department, there will be certain restrictions to research activities in place. 

Please check back for research updates to this page. 

Department Health & Safety: 

Please look over the following department health and safety guidelines below for information on how to proceed with this phase of the return to research process. Following the guidelines will be mandatory to ensure the health and safety of all members in the department. A check in and check out system linked below will also be required for lab members to use when entering and exiting lab shifts.  

UBC Resources:

 For additional UBC resources regarding COVID-19, please visit the website links below.


  • For more information regarding department safety, please contact: Helen Wright (, phone: 604-827-5216, cell: 604-345-5380)
  • For questions regarding the Department of Chemistry's return to research plan, please contact a member of the Chemistry Resumption of Research Committee:
    • Laurel Schafer:
    • Dan Bizzotto:
    • Ken MacFarlane:
    • Julie McNutt:
    • Tony Mittertreiner:
    • Glen Sammis:
    • Lily Southcott:
    • Helen Wright: