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IARL: Interfacial Analysis & Reactivity Lab

The Interfacial Analysis & Reactivity Laboratory (IARL) is located in the Advanced Materials & Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL) building. Recently through CFI funding for the Centre for Biointerface Characterization, the IARL has acquired a number of new instruments including a state-of-the-art ToF-SIMS, XPS spectrometer, UV Raman microscope, profilometer and a cryogenic sample preparation system.

The Co-Directors of the IARL are Keng Chou (Chemistry) and Reinhard Jetter (Botany & Chemistry), but the lab was set up by Keith Mitchell, who is now Director Emeritus. In addition to pursuing our own scientific research, the IARL welcomes users from throughout UBC, and the wider community (other universities, government and industry), to take advantage of our equipment and services.

IARL: Interfacial Analysis Lab

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