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Ilsa Cooke Receives $125K in Project Funding

Congratulations to assistant professor Ilsa Cooke for receiving $125,000 in project funding from the B.C Knowledge Development Fund (BCKDF)!

The project, Infrastructure for laboratory simulations of interstellar chemistry, will use funding for research infrastructure to investigate the journey of molecules from their birth in the vacuum of space to their transport to new planets and other worlds. The lab will develop unique tools to simulate reactions in space. The measurements will have applications to the life cycle of molecules in our own atmosphere, including key pollutants that effect the health of British Columbians. The project will provide exceptional training for highly qualified personnel and will prepare them for careers in academia, industry and the space sector.

The BCKDF shares project funding with other funding partners, including the Canadian Foundation for Innovation. These investments help to ensure UBC will have the state-of-the-art scientific equipment and infrastructure to be well-positioned to lead B.C. into the future. More info here> and here>

Congratulations Ilsa!