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New Classes of Polyoxygenated Ligands: From Energy Storage to Atomically Precise Nanomaterials

Monday, January 13, 2020 - 11:00 to 12:00
Dr. Julia Stauber
UCLA, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Seminar - Seminar
Chemistry D215


The rational choice of transition-metal ion and ligand platform provides the ability to design molecules with highly tuned reactivity, solubility, and stability properties. This presentation will describe applications pertaining to flow battery technologies and atomically precise nanocluster assembly strategies that are mediated by transition metal complexes with carefully tailored reactivity and electronic profiles. Work detailing a new approach to non-aqueous redox-flow battery electrolyte design using transition metal complexes supported by electrochemically stable, all-inorganic trimetaphosphate ([P3O9]3–) anions will be highlighted. The second part of the talk will present a bottom-up approach to the systematic assembly of atomically precise nanoclusters from well-defined organometallic building blocks. This work combines elements of inorganic cluster chemistry, organometallic synthesis, and nanobiotechnology to provide a basis for the generation of robust and programmable hybrid nanoassemblies with unique applications targeting molecular recognition.