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Scientists uncover new clues about the climate and health effects of atmospheric particles

Peering inside common atmospheric particles is providing important clues to their climate and health effects, according to a new study by University of British Columbia chemists professor Allan Bertram and postdoctoral fellow Fabian Mahrt (Bertram Group).

Secondary organic aerosol (SOA) particles are ubiquitous in the atmosphere and play an important role in air quality and climate. They can add to air pollution and damage lungs, and help deflect solar radiation or aid cloud formation...

Prof Allan Bertram and PhD Student Nealan Gerrebos featured on The Conversation Canada

UBC Chemistry Prof Allan Bertram and Bertram group PhD student Nealan Gerrebos explain how wildfire smoke may warm the Earth for longer than previously thought. They explain their latest research here>

Nadine Borduas-Dedekind Interviewed by Moteur de Recherche

UBC Chemistry Professor Nadine Borduas-Dedekind was interviewed by French Canadian radio show Moteur de Recherche by CBC (Radio Canada in French) and discusses the chemistry of aerosols involved in geoengineering. Listen here>

Congratulations to Prof. Stephen Withers!

Professor Stephen Withers has been awarded the 2022 Haworth Memorial Lectureship from the RSC (Royal Society of Chemistry) Carbohydrate Group.


This award was founded in 1969 in commemoration of Sir Norman Haworth (president of the Chemical Society 1944-46) and it is awarded for sustained, internationally recognised contributions to carbohydrate chemistry. This award is given in recognition of Prof. Withers contributions to the elucidation of carbohydrate active enzyme...

Congratulations to our Chemistry Department CIC Award Winners!

Jaclyn Stewart (Prof. of Teaching), Russ Algar (Assoc. Professor), and UBC's Undergraduate Chemistry Society, have won awards at this year's Chemical Institute of Canada, Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition.

Jaclyn Stewart has received the CIC Award for Chemistry Education. This award is presented to an individual who has made outstanding contributions to post secondary education in Canada in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering.

Russ Algar has received the W...

Parisa Mehrkhodavandi Has Been Named a 2022 Wall Scholar

Congratulations to Professor Parisa Mehrkhodavandi who has been selected to be a member of the 2022-23 Wall Scholars Catalyst cohort.

Members of the cohort will work together to initiate collaborations that engage the urgency, scale and complexity of the Climate and Nature Emergency. This program upholds the Peter Wall Institute’s mandate to enable associated scholars to engage in innovative research that addresses the largest and complex challenges of our time.

As part of...

Congratulations Eva Nichols!

Assistant Professor Eva Nichols has been named a 2022-2024 Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) Azrieli Global Scholar in the Bio-inspired Solar Energy program. As a CIFAR Azrieli Global Scholar, Eva will received a two-year term in a CIFAR research program, $100,000 in research support, mentorship from a senior researcher, and more.

CIFAR scholars program seeks to develop the next generation of research leaders through...

Prof's Jason Hein and Curtis Berlinguette Article is Featured in Nature Communications

Professor Jason Hein and Curtis Berlinguette had their article selected by an editor at Nature Communications to be featured in the Editor's Highlights webpage. See the article here> The Editors’ Highlights webpage aims to showcase the 50 best papers recently published in an area.

Their article is entitled "Ring walking as a regioselectivity control element in Pd-catalyzed C-N cross-coupling".

About the article:...

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to the UBC Chemistry Class of 2022! Each undergraduate and graduate student has worked tremendously hard and has accomplished so much. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Tuum est!

Caption: Some photos of our graduates and Department Head Mike Wolf from the Chemistry Graduation reception



Jason Hein Featured on C&EN’s Chemistry in Pictures

Associate Professor Jason Hein has captured ballooning crystals under a microscope in real-time. Hein was capturing these crystals’ growth as part of his lab’s larger project to automate organic chemistry processes. Read more and see the video here>

Congratulations Undergraduate Research Award Winners!

At the CHEM 449 & RLE Reception, we presented the following awards to selected students who have made outstanding contributions towards undergraduate research in the department. 

Congratulations to Jane Fu and Nicole Removski for receiving the Michael Fryzuk Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Chemistry Research Award and Nicole Link and Isabelle Cai for receiving the Undergraduate Chemistry Society Research Laboratory Experience Excellence Award.

We wish them all the...

Congratulations Zac Hudson!

Associate Professor Zac Hudson has been awarded the 8th Polymer International-IUPAC award for Creativity in Applied Polymer Science, awarded by The Editorial Board of Polymer International and the IUPAC Polymer Division. Zac has made significant contributions to polymers for optoelectronics, including working to confront global plastic waste by developing polymer technologies with industry.

Zac will give a lecture and receive this award at the World Polymer Congress, which will be...

Congratulations to Russ Algar!

Associate Professor Russ Algar has been awarded the UBC Killam Accelerator Research Fellowships Award, as part of UBC's 2021 Faculty Research Awards!

The Faculty Research Awards recognize the excellence in research and scholarly achievements of faculty from across all disciplines at UBC. Winners will be honoured at a reception in June, hosted by The Office of the VP, Research and Innovation. See a complete list of winners...

Congratulations to Julie McNutt!

Congratulations to Julie McNutt for receiving the UBC Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award! This award is presented each year to a small number of graduate students who have made outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at UBC. With over 2000 Teaching Assistants working at the university, winning this award is a remarkable achievement.

Julie has shown dedication and commitment to teaching excellence at UBC, making a positive impact on not only individual students but...

Congratulations to Prof. Russ Algar!

Associate Professor Russ Algar as been awarded the W.A.E McBryde Medal by the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The award is presented to a young scientist working in Canada who has made a significant achievement in pure or applied analytical chemistry.

Congratulations Professor Algar!


Congratulations to Jaclyn Stewart!

Associate Professor of Teaching Jaclyn Stewart has been awarded the CIC Award for Chemistry Education. This award is presented to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in Canada in the field of chemistry or chemical engineering at post secondary education level. Read more here


Congratulations Jaclyn!

Dr. Jaclyn Stewart Joins Journal of Chemical Education Editorial Team

Dr. Jaclyn Stewart, Associate Professor of Teaching, has joined the editorial team at the Journal of Chemical Education as Associate Editor responsible for chemistry education research articles. Launched in 1924, the Journal of Chemical Education is co-published by the ACS Division of Chemical Education and the American Chemical Society Publications division. The Journal publishes research articles, editorials, activities, demonstrations, laboratory experiments, and technology reports to...

Congratulations to Jason Hein!

Professor Jason Hein has been awarded the honour of presenting his outstanding research as a Fagnou Lecturer for the Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Ottawa for the 2021-2022 academic year.

The lectureship is named in honour of Keith Fagnou, who was an outstanding young chemist and esteemed colleague before his passing in 2009. 

Congratulations Jason!

UBC Researchers Involved in Creating Universal Blood-type Organs for Transplant

A new study has proven it is possible to safely convert the blood type in donor organs intended for transplantation. The study was conducted by a team of Canadian scientists, including UBC Chemistry’s Dr. Stephen Withers and Dr. Jayachandran Kizhakkedathu, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and is an important step towards creating universal type O organs, which could decrease mortality rates for patients on organ transplant waiting lists.

Read more about this exciting...

Congratulations to Gren Patey!

Professor Gren Patey has been named the 2022 Honorary Lecturer by the Canadian Association of Theoretical Chemists (CATC) Honorary Lectureship Committee!

This honour is given to an individual who has made significant contributions in theoretical/computational chemistry and/or to the Canadian theoretical and computational chemistry community. Gren will present a plenary lecture at the 2022 Canadian Symposium on Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, June 27- July 1, 2022 in Kelowna,...