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Name Position Title Email Phone Number
Asperin, Kristoffer Lab Technician (First Year & Vantage) 604-822-5342
Bach, Ken MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Button, Karen Stores Manager 604-822-5364
Chan, Anthony Lab Technician (Chem 245, 3XX, 445, 203) 604-822-1521
Chen, Jessie Lab Technician 604-822-4768
Chung, Peter IT, Web Developer / Programmer 604-822-4398
Coschizza, Milan EES, Engineering Technician 604-822-3521
Ditchburn, Brian Glass Blower 604-822-6753
Djuricanin, Pavle Research Engineer 604-822-5265
Ezhova, Maria Research Assistant/Technician 604-822-6787
Fisher, Gar EES, Engineering Technician 604-822-3521
Fried, Sabrina HR / Facilities Clerk 604-822-2189
Hansen, Jorgen MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Harbour, Sheri Graduate Program Assistant 604-822-6102
Herring, Ben Lab Technician (Chem 203, 245, 3XX, 4XX) 604-822-6878
Huang, Xin-Hui Stores Inventory Control 604-822-6849
Jeong, Katie Assistant to the Head, Michael Wolf 604-822-2471
Jian, Kun Zhong Research Assistant/Technician 604-822-4678
Jones, Kevin Faculty Administrative Support, Dr. Jennifer Love and Dr. Stephen Withers 604-822-8869
Kawaguchi, Nobu Assistant to Dr. Berlinguette and Dr. Schafer 604-827-5969
Koch, Lauren Faculty Administrative Support, Dr. Allan Bertram, Dr. Jason Hein, Dr. Mark MacLachlan 604-822-4458
Lai, Emily Lab Techinician (First Year & Vantage) 604-822-3498
Lai, Jenny Mass Spectrometry Research Technician 604 827 4212
Lam, Anita X-ray Specialist 604-822-4865
Lau, Jonathan Lab Technician (Chem 235) 604-822-4862
Ling, Yun Analytical Manager 604-822-3235
Love, Ken MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Lovrity, Des MES, Supervisor 604-822-9467
MacDonald, Kristin Managing Editor (Applied Spectroscopy) 604-827-4714
MacFarlane, Ken Director, Finance and Operations 604-822-2752
Mah, Wayne Undergraduate Program Coordinator 604-822-5710
Manalastas, Francis EES, Engineering Technician 604-822-3521
Manke, Chris EES, Engineering Technician 604-822-3521
Mittertreiner, Tony Technical Service Manager 604-822-2253
Neagu, Razvan MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Ng, Benny EES, Engineering Technician 604-822-3521
Oh, Irene Administrative Support 604-822-3299
Olsthoorn, Patrick Shipping and Receiving 604-822-3003
Padhiar, Pritesh MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Patrick, Brian X-ray Manager 604-822-4865
Pijetlovic, Dusko IT Manager 604-822-4398
Polishchuk, Elena Laboratory Director 604-822-2053
Rodway, Irene Manager, Human Resources 604-827-4975
Shuen, Felix Lab Technician (Chem 3XX, 4XX, SIF) 604-822-4211
Stores, Acquisitions Acquisition 604-822-2614
Thomas, Anne Laboratory Program Director 604-822-5342
Thorne, Adana Administrative and Human Resources Manager - NSERC CREATE Programs 604-822-2068
To, Sunny Finance Manager 604-822-2786
Tonkin, David EES Supervisor 604-822-3521
Vered, Elan Stores Customer Service 604-822-3865
Wilton, James MES, Engineering Technician 604-822-9467
Wright, Helen Safety Program Administrator 604-827-5216 / 604-345-5380
Wu, David IT, Computer Systems Specialist 604-822-4398
Xia, Zhicheng (Paul) NMR Facilities Manager 604-827-3548
Zeng, Susan Finance Clerk 604-822-3199
Zhu, Jane Mass Spectrometry Research Technician 604-827-4212