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Chemistry Stores stocks more than 200 chemicals, deuterated solvents, dry ice, reusable and disposable glassware, plasticware, safety products such as personal protective equipment and spill control products, filtration products, assorted tubing, pipettors, and other miscellaneous scientific supplies. We are located on the lower floor of Chemistry B Block, South Wing, Room B170 - 2036 Main Mall (see map below or go to Wayfinding at UBC: Chemistry Block B, Room B170 - 2036 Main Mall).

Anyone holding a UBC account can set up a standing account at Chemistry Stores with a valid journal voucher (see Standing Account tab on this website for appropriate forms). Our customers must have an account within the UBC Finance system.

Chemistry Stores offers a limited range of non-chemical products for sale by credit card to the public. Please contact Jeff below for more information.

Stockroom Open for Customers

We are open for customer in-person shopping.

Monday to Friday
9:00 am - 11:00 am; 12:30pm - 4:00 pm

Closed on UBC recognized statutory holidays.


Manager, Stores Operations 604-822-5364 kbutton@chem.ubc.ca
George Kamel Buyer 604-822-2614 acq@chem.ubc.ca
Alex Moya Inventory/Accounts 604-822-6849 alexmoya@chem.ubc.ca
Elkie Menchions Supply Center 604-827-2534 biosupply@chem.ubc.ca
Jack Lu Shipper/Receiver 604-822-3003 shiprec@chem.ubc.ca
Jeff Suen Customer Service 604-822-3865 suenj2@chem.ubc.ca
General Inquiries General Inquiries 604-822-3865 storz@chem.ubc.ca










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