Chemistry Stores is open for orders. Customers will need to place orders online to be picked by Stores staff. Stores will only be open at certain times for picking up orders. Please read the information below carefully.

NOTE: Customers who place orders through the Planon Product Store will be notified when orders are ready for pickup. Orders placed by email can be collected the following work day (if placed after working hours add a day).

Opening times

  • Stores customers: 10am-11am and 2pm-3pm. These are the only hours the pickup window will be open for Stores customers.
  • ThermoFisher Supply Centre: 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm. Order pick ups will only be available during these hours.
  • Customers will be served one at a time.
  • Please follow social distancing markings in the hallway while waiting for service.
  • Customers will not be allowed in stores or receiving.
  • The hallway door will remain locked all day. 
  • No passage through Stores from hallway to outside will be available.
  • Entry to receiving will not be allowed when looking for packages, customers can call ahead to have packages ready for pickup at the window open times.

Stock orders

  • Customers can place orders via the Planon product store. Login with your CWL at this link: If you do not have access (check first – Chem and non-Chem customers have been given access if all required information was provided by your department), you can email your order to Please include your name, PI’s name, speedchart and building along with a clear list of items you wish to purchase.
  • All items are listed in the Planon product store. Quantities on hand can be reviewed for all items in the product store.
  • Find instructions here for placing an order within the product store: STO 124 Requesting Stock Items from Product Store pdf
  • Customers who place orders through the Planon Product Store will be notified when orders are ready for pickup. Orders placed by email can be collected the following work day (if placed after working hours add a day).
  • Temporary Winter Customer Entrance Map
















  • Receipt slips will not be signed by customers. The storeperson will write the name of the person picking up the order and put their own initials on the receipt slips.
  • Some stock items may be sold in limited quantities to each group (soap, bleach, gloves) based on available inventory and expected availability from vendors.
  • The solvent cart for collecting empty containers will be parked in the hallway. Include these items in your online orders to avoid delay when picking up orders. Filling will be done at 11:30am, filled containers can be picked up during the afternoon 2-3pm opening.






















Special Note About Ordering PPE

  • Gloves are not presently part of the restricted PPE list. No hygiene assessment form is required. Gloves can be added to any regular stores order (limit 4 boxes per group per week).
  • A hygiene assessment is only required for respirator (N95, half-face, full-face) requests at this time.
  • No stock of respirators/masks. If ordered, it will trigger a hygiene assessment form being emailed to the requester.
  • Items may be added to the restricted list if supplies become scarce.

Other Stores Items

  • Regular orders placed through the online requisition system can be picked up at the same times as above. Make sure notification has been received before coming to stores to collect the order.
  • Dry ice pickup (for UBC customers who need the Stores key) will only be available during the opening times above. All necessary items will be at the window. Dry ice deliveries will continue on the M/W/F schedule.
  • The liquid nitrogen filling room will be locked and dewars will only be filled by MES staff. At 1pm daily a technician will collect small dewars to be filled from customer at the outside back double doors of the D-wing, (entrance #3 on wayfinding:,y,y,y,y,y&bldg2Search=n&locat1=132&locat2=). Customers will need to wait outside. The technician will check periodically between 1 and 2PM for other customers.
  • The laundry bin will be placed in the hallway for collection of lab coats to be laundered. Please continue to send an email with quantity and contact information as per usual process.
  • Distilled water will be available, but containers to be filled can be dropped off beside the solvent cart for staff to fill (make sure the group name is clear and it is labelled for distilled water). It can be picked up at the next opening time.

ThermoFisher Supply Centre

  • Pick up will only be available during the hours of 9am-10am and 1pm-2pm.
  • If possible, phone or email Chithra at, (604) 827-2534 if you are planning on picking up an order that day. This will allow her to put aside your order and lessen the amount of time you will need to spend at the service window once arriving.
  • For stocked products, please contact Chithra for confirmation it is in stock before arriving. Once confirmed, and whenever feasible, please place online orders for stocked products before arriving to the service window and reference your order # when picking up. If Chithra normally places orders for you, please call her before arriving with payment details.