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Women in Chemistry Workshop: Navigating YOUR Career

Wednesday, February 20, 2019 - 12:30 to 13:30
Dr. Theresa McCormick
Portland State University
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Special - Event
Chemistry D211

Please join us on February 20th at 12:30 in the chemistry graduate student lounge for a career workshop hosted by UBC's Women in Chemistry group and run by Dr. Theresa McCormick of Portland State University. Food provided. 

Navigating a career as a chemist is a daunting task. Between academia, industry and non-traditional careers there are a lot of options resulting in complicated questions that students must grapple with as they progress through their education. Please join us for a career workshop run by Dr. Theresa McCormick, professor of Chemistry at Portland State University in which you will learn about possible careers and how to plot your “ideal trajectory” to reach your goals. Dr. McCormick will be able to address unique issues for Canadian students in particular as she is a Canadian woman who ultimately went to teach in the United States. Her research group performs photocatalysis research to develop sustainable fuels and uses computational chemistry to understand complex catalytic systems.  

The workshop will include: 1) an introduction by Dr. McCormick about her career path and the choices she has had to make as a woman in science 2) an explanation of different career paths that are possible for chemistry grads 3) a general overview of what it takes to build up a resume that fits with a particular career goal 4) small group activities based on “desired career” which help students begin to piece together how they will reach their goal depending on where they are in their schooling (this will include things ranging from picking the right teaching assignments and research projects to how to write appropriate cover letters and build an appropriately tailored CV and will be run by Dr. McCormick and other Women in Chemistry leaders) and 5) a question/answer series where students will have time to reflect on what they’ve learned and ask any questions they may have.