Omicron & Leybold MAX200 X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometers (XPS)

Omicron & Leybold MAX200 X-ray Photoelectron Spectrometers (XPS)


Performance Features

  • Dual anode (Mg and Al K alpha) achromatic X-ray source
  • Monochromatic (Al K alpha) X-ray source
  • Apertures for variable area analysis (200 um diameter spot to 4x7 mm2)
  • 18 channel detection
  • Differentially-pumped Ar+ gun for XPS depth profiling and sample cleaning
  • Electron flood gun for charge neutralization of insulating samples
  • Motorized 5-axis manipulator for angle dependent XPS measurement
  • Ion Scattering and Auger Electron Spectroscopy (ISS & AES)
  • In-situ sample heating
  • Catalytic reactor chamber

Typical Analytical Applications

  • Qualitative analysis (all elements except H, He)
  • Quantitative analysis (± 5%)
  • Chemical state information (e.g. identification oxidation state)
  • Angle dependent XPS measurement for non-destructive depth profiling
  • XPS depth profiling analysis by ion sputtering
  • Thin film thickness measurement (<10 nm)