Contact and Advising
Supervisor Project Title
Algar, Russ 1. Development of fluorescent nanomaterials for point-of-care diagnostic applications
2. Development of fluorescent nanomaterials for cellular imaging and sensing
Berlinguette, Curtis Designing Hole Transport Materials for Advanced Solar Cells
Bertram, Allan 1. Chemical and physical properties and climate implications of aerosol particles collected in the changing Arctic
2. Chemical and physical properties of photochemical smog
Bizzotto, Dan 1. AFM imaging of DNA modified single crystal electrode surfaces
2. Studying Cu electrodeposition onto electrochemically reduced graphene oxide using AFM
3. Designing, 3D printing and testing an electrochemical device for small volume water deionization
Dake, Greg Catalytic synthesis of bioactive molecules related to natural products
Fryzuk, Michael New Ligand Designs for Activation of Dinitrogen by First Row Metal Complexes”
Grant, Ed 1.  Raman spectroscopy, high-resolution microscopy and AI in the analysis of complex biomaterials  
2.  Molecular ultracold plasmas
Huan, Tao 1. Development of untargeted metabolomics platform for comprehensive bacterial natural products profiling
2. Lipid metabolism and cellular activity
3. Identify bioactive endogenous metabolites for immune cell differentiation
4. Quantification of microbiome-derived metabolites for the development of clinical metabolic biomarkers
Hudson, Zac 1. Thermally-activated delayed fluorescence in polymeric organic LEDs
2. Nanosegregation of phosphorescent materials in bottlebrush block copolymers
Love, Jennifer 1. Towards catalytic coupling of methane to generate value-added products
2. Nickel-catalysed cross-coupling
McIntosh, Lawrence Protein phase separation and the phosphorylation-dependent regulation of mycobacterial ABC transporters
Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa 1. Development of catalysts for CO2 conversion
2. Development of bioactive and biodegradable polymers
Momose, Takamasa 1. Laser spectroscopy of atoms and molecules under magnetic/electromagnetic fields
2. Trapping  of cold molecules
3. UV photolysis of chiral molecules
Orvig, Chris Chelate Chemistry of Radiometals for Nuclear Medicine
Perrin, David 1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition
2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents
3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy
4. New organotrifluroborates for use in coupling, sensing and biology
Ryan, Kaity Enzymology of natural products biosynthesis
Sammis, Glenn Synthesis of fluorinated motifs
Straus, Suzana Developing releasable antimicrobial peptides to combat bacterial resistance
Thachuk, Mark Coarse-grained molecular dynamics methodology and practice
Wang, Alex 1. Computational Rational Design of Functional Materials
2. Computational Studies of Bond Strength Index & Atomic Charges
Withers, Steve Synthesis and Testing of a Novel Glycosidase Inhibitor as a Potential Therapeutic
Wolf, Mike New sulfur-bridged chromophores for applications in light-emitting devices and printed security features