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Project Title

Algar, Russ

1. Development of novel luminescent materials for bioanalysis and bioimaging

2. Development of portable devices for bioanalysis and bioimaging

Bertram, Allan

1. Concentrations and properties of ice nucleating particles from the retreating of the Kaskawulsh Glacier - one of Canada’s largest glaciers

2. Icy chemistry on minerals: the importance of mineral surface chemistry on ice formation in the atmosphere

3. Chemical and physical properties of secondary organic aerosol generated from forest fires

Bizzotto, Dan

1. Biophotoelectrochemistry of reaction center proteins on a gold electrode

2. Quantitative analysis of opioids in biological fluids using electroanalytical approaches

Nadine Borduas-Dedekind

1. The atmospheric component of the biogeochemical cycle of selenium: Statistical analyses of a North American monitoring dataset for source apportionment

2. Indoor air chemistry: Collection of organic aerosols from different household activities and determination of reactive oxygen species concentrations

Brumer, Harry

1. Discovery and characterization of complex carbohydrate-degrading enzymes from gut microbiota

2. Structure-function analysis of non-catalytic, carbohydrate-binding modules

3. Synthesis and application of novel drugs to treat inflammatory bowel disease

Fryzuk, Mike

1. Reactivity of Mixed Metal Complexes Stabilized by a P2N2 Macrocycle

Gates, Derek

1. Synthesis and Characterization of Phosphorus Molecules and Polymers

Hein, Jason

1. Mechatronics for chemical discovery

2. Elucidating complex reaction mechanisms using cutting-edge analytics

3. Developing self-driving laboratories for synthetic organic chemistry

Hudson, Zac

1. Polymers for efficient thermally assisted fluorescence

2. Ultrastable fluorophores for high-resolution bioimaging

MacLachlan, Mark

1. New Photonic Materials for Sensing

2. Self-assembly of Molecular Nanofibres

Mehrkhodavandi, Parisa

1. Development of catalysts for CO2 conversion

2. Development of catalysts for formation of biodegradable polymers

Momose, Takamasa

Spectroscopy and dynamics of cold molecules

Perrin, David

1. New heterocycles for DNA recognition

2. New PET imaging agents to image cancer New approaches to antiviral anti-HIV agents

3. Synthesis of peptide natural products targeted for cancer therapy

4. New organotrifluroborates for use in coupling, sensing and biology

Schafer, L:aurel

1. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Green Chemistry for Responsive and Functional Self-Healing Materials 

2. Summer Undergraduate Research Experience in Natural Product and Drug Synthesis using Catalytic Green Chemistry Routes

Straus, Suzana

1. Design of pro-drug host defense peptides that display synergy with common antibiotics

Thachuk, Mark

1. Improving Molecular Dynamics Simulations

Wang, Alex

1. Computational studies of bond strength indicators

2. Designs of functional materials with high-energy density, low band gap, and extreme bonding

Withers, Steve

1. Synthesis and testing of novel antibiotic glycosides 

2. Development and use of microfluidic high-throughput screens for novel enzyme discovery

Wolf, Mike

1. Photocrosslinking of Antimicrobial Polymers