Applying for Chemistry Programs

General Comments

Please note that students CAN be accepted into Chemistry programs for second year even if all the courses listed in the calendar for first year have not been completed.  For example, the Communication Requirement can be deferred, as can the PHYS requirements in many of the programs.

Students with second year (or above) standing in the Faculty of Science may apply to specialize in Chemistry or switch their specialization within Chemistry by submitting a formal request to the Chemistry Undergraduate Advisor.​

Process for First-Year Students Entering Second Year

As detailed in the calendar, admission to all specializations is coordinated through a central on-line application process.  Students will receive an e-mail regarding this process in late May or early June.​  In Major or Combined Major programs with a corresponding Honours or Combined Honours, the Faculty of Science only admits students directly to the Major or Combined Major.  Qualified students (with 30 winter session credits, no failures, and a minimum average of 68%) wishing to transfer to the corresponding Honours or Combined Honours specialization should contact the Chemistry Undergraduate Advisor after their admittance.​

High Level Summary
  • Achieve a competitive average (the typical grade cutoff for entry to Chemistry programs is 70%) on a minimum of 24 credits (typically 27-33 credits) of study in Winter Session (September to April)
  • Complete appropriate Chemistry pre-requisites (two courses in Chemistry, Mathematics) and any Faculty of Science requirements for promotion to second year
  • Information for students transferring to UBC
Faculty of Science Students

Current students who achieve second year level standing must apply using the on-line process administered by the Faculty of Science.

Other UBC Faculty Transfer Students

UBC Faculty transfers will need to apply for a Change of Faculty/Degree Program through their Student Service Centre (SSC) account.  You will need to indicate your specialization (Chemistry) on your transfer application.