Graduate Student Travel Fund

Graduate Student Travel Fund

Graduate Student Travel Fellowships. This fund provides partial support to enable M.Sc. and Ph.D. students in the Department of Chemistry to attend a conference or symposium and give a presentation. Applications will be evaluated to ensure they meet the criteria below, and are subject to availability of funding.

Award Criteria

Value: $800 for conferences within Canada; $1000 for conference in the United States and $1200 for conferences outside North America
Eligible Expenses:


Travel, accommodation and meal costs, and conference registration.




Applications are accepted at any time and may be submitted either prior to the conference for which funding is requested, or up to two months afterwards.




Fellowships are to attend conferences/symposia held outside of BC. Recipients must give either an oral or poster presentation, and must be registered in either an M.Sc. or Ph.D. programme in Chemistry. Each recipient may receive one award per graduate degree.




A student may concurrently hold this award and similar funding from other University–administered funds (e.g. Graduate Student Travel Fund) to travel to a given meeting.


How to apply: Submit the APPLICATION FORM  with a one page abstract of the work to be presented to Sheri Harbour (Graduate Program Assistant).  Decisions on funding will be made within two weeks of application.  Successful applicants should submit receipts to Sunny To (Finance Manager) within two months following travel.