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von Ahsen, B. ; Berkei, M. ; Henkel, G. ; Willner, H. ; Aubke, F. The Synthesis, Vibrational Spectra, And Molecular Structure Of [Ir(Co)(6)][Sbf6](3)Center Dot 4Hf - The First Structurally Characterized Salt With A Tripositive, Homoleptic Metal Carbonyl Cation And The First Example Of A Tetrahedral Hydrogen-Bonded (Hf)(. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2002, 124, 8371-8379.
Finze, M. ; Bernhardt, E. ; Terheiden, A. ; Berkei, M. ; Willner, H. ; Christen, D. ; Oberhammer, H. ; Aubke, F. Tris(Trifluoromethyl)Borane Carbonyl, (Cf3)(3)Bco - Synthesis, Physical, Chemical And Spectroscopic Properties, Gas Phase, And Solid State Structure. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2002, 124, 15385-15398.
Fox, C. A. ; Preston, C. M. ; Fyfe, C. A. Micromorphological And C-13 Nmr Characterization Of A Humic, Lignic, And Histic Folisol From British-Columbia. Canadian Journal of Soil Science 1994, 74, 1-15.