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Sturgeon, C. M. ; Craig, K. ; Brown, C. ; Rundle, N. T. ; Andersen, R. J. ; Roberge, M. Modulation Of The G(2) Cell Cycle Checkpoint By Sesquiterpene Lactones Psilostachyins A And C Isolated From The Common Ragweed Ambrosia Artemisiifolia. Planta Medica 2005, 71, 938-943.
Rundle, N. T. ; Xu, L. ; Andersen, R. J. ; Roberge, M. G(2) Dna Damage Checkpoint Inhibition And Antimitotic Activity Of 13-Hydroxy-15-Oxozoapatlin. Journal of Biological Chemistry 2001, 276, 48231-48236.