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Granchinho, S. C. R. ; Polishchuk, E. ; Cullen, W. R. ; Reimer, K. J. Biomethylation And Bioaccumulation Of Arsenic(V) By Marine Alga Fucus Gardneri. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 2001, 15, 553-560.
Lai, V. W. M. ; Cullen, W. R. ; Harrington, C. F. ; Reimer, K. J. The Characterization Of Arsenosugars In Commercially Available Algal Products Including A Nostoc Species Of Terrestrial Origin. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 1997, 11, 797-803.
Harrington, C. F. ; Ojo, A. A. ; Lai, V. W. M. ; Reimer, K. J. ; Cullen, W. R. The Identification Of Some Water-Soluble Arsenic Species In The Marine Brown Algae Fucus Distichus. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 1997, 11, 931-940.