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Bruckner, C. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Dolphin, D. 2-Pyrrolythiones As Monoanionic Bidentate N,s-Chelators: Synthesis And Molecular Structure Of 2-Pyrrolylthionato Complexes Of Nickel(Ii), Cobalt(Iii), And Mercury(Ii). Inorganic Chemistry 2000, 39, 6100-6106.
Jandciu, E. W. ; Legzdins, P. ; McNeil, W. S. ; Patrick, B. O. ; Smith, K. M. Cr(Nar)(O)(Npr2I)(Ar): A Strongly-Bent Monoimido Complex Resulting From Nitrosyl Ligand Cleavage. Chemical Communications 2000, 1809-1810.