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Lee, G. M. ; Pufall, M. A. ; Meeker, C. A. ; Kang, H. S. ; Graves, B. J. ; McIntosh, L. P. The Affinity Of Ets-1 For Dna Is Modulated By Phosphorylation Through Transient Interactions Of An Unstructured Region. Journal of Molecular Biology 2008, 382, 1014-1030.
Pufall, M. A. ; Lee, G. M. ; Nelson, M. L. ; Kang, H. S. ; Velyvis, A. ; Kay, L. E. ; McIntosh, L. P. ; Graves, B. J. Variable Control Of Ets-1 Dna Binding By Multiple Phosphates In An Unstructured Region. Science 2005, 309, 142-145.