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Friction between cellulose surfaces and effect of xyloglucan adsorption

TitleFriction between cellulose surfaces and effect of xyloglucan adsorption
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsStiernstedt, J, Brumer, H, Zhou, Q, Teeri, TT, Rutland, MW
Date PublishedJUL 10
Type of ArticleArticle

The forces and friction between cellulose spheres have been measured in the absence and presence of xyloglucan using an atomic force microscope. The forces between cellulose are monotonically repulsive with negligible adhesion after contact is achieved. The friction coefficient is observed to be unusually high in comparison with other nanotribological systems. We have confirmed that xyloglucan adsorbs strongly to cellulose, which results in a much stronger adhesion, which is dependent on the time the surfaces are in contact. Xyloglucan also increases the repulsion on approach of the cellulose surfaces, and the friction is markedly reduced. The apparently incompatible observations of decreased friction in combination with increased adhesion fulfills many of the necessary criteria for a papermaking additive.