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The hydride route to the preparation of dinitrogen complexes.

TitleThe hydride route to the preparation of dinitrogen complexes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsBallmann, J, Munha, RF, Fryzuk, MD
JournalChemical Communications (Cambridge, United Kingdom)
Pagination1013 - 1025
Date Published2010///
ISBN Number1359-7345
Keywordsdinitrogen transition metal prepn substitution reductive elimination hydride review, half sandwich manganese titanocene zirconocene dinitrogen complex prepn review, review transition metal hydride dihydrogen complex reductive elimination dinitrogen

A review on reactions of transition metal hydride complexes with nitrogen, yielding dinitrogen species upon elimination of dihydrogen. Reductive elimination of dihydrogen from Group VIII polyhydride phosphine complexes, pincer cyclometalated dihydrides, hydride-dihydrogen complexes gives the corresponding dinitrogen complexes, in which N2 mol. substitutes two hydride or one dihydrogen ligands. That the inert dinitrogen mol. can act as a ligand to a transition metal complex is one of the key discoveries in inorg. chem. of the past century. This feature article summarizes a body of work up to 2010 that describes a particularly attractive route to dinitrogen complexes that involves the direct reaction of N2 with metal hydride derivs. This process is shown to be general across the transition series and, depending on the metal, different levels of activation of the coordinated dinitrogen unit are obsd. [on SciFinder(R)]