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Live cell refractometry based on non-SPR microparticle sensor

TitleLive cell refractometry based on non-SPR microparticle sensor
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsLiu, C, Chen, DDY, Yu, L, Luo, Y
Date PublishedJUN

Unlike the nanoparticles with surface plasmon resonance, the optical response of polystyrene microparticles (PSMPs) is insensitive to the chemical components of the surrounding medium under the wavelength-dependent differential interference contrast microscopy. This fact is exploited for the measurement of the refractive index of cytoplasm in this study. PSMPs of 400 nm in diameter were loaded into the cell to contact cytoplasm seamlessly, and the refractive index information of cytoplasm could be extracted by differential interference contrast microscopy operated at 420 nm illumination wavelength through the contrast analysis of PSMPs images.