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Reorientational dynamics of aza-cyclohexadienyl radicals in pyridinium tetrafluoroborate

TitleReorientational dynamics of aza-cyclohexadienyl radicals in pyridinium tetrafluoroborate
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsBeck, B, Roduner, E, Dilger, H, Czarnecki, P, Fleming, DG, Reid, ID, Rhodes, CJ
JournalPhysica B-Condensed Matter
Date PublishedAug
Type of ArticleProceedings Paper
ISBN Number0921-4526
Keywordsavoided-level-crossing muon-spin resonance, cyclohexadienyl radical, MAGNETIC-RESONANCE, PHASE-TRANSITION, pyridinium, REORIENTATIONAL DYNAMICS, TETRAFLUOROBORATE, VARIANT

{Pyridinium tetrafluoroborate is a ferroelectric with a paraelectric-ferroelectric phase transition of second order, which is exceptional for multidirectional ferroelectrics, Avoided-level-crossing muon-spin resonance has been used to show that the Mu substituted aza-cyclohexadienyl radical derived from the pyridinium ions undergoes fast uniaxial rotation around the axis perpendicular to the molecular plane, confirming earlier results by Czarnecki et al. The changes in reorientational dynamics between 239 and 244 K also verify the existence of a phase transition in this range, as found by Czarnecki. Furthermore, the results give strong evidence that superimposed on the rotation there is a wobbling motion of the rotational axis which freezes in at the first transition temperature

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