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Self-assembled cyclic oligomers of bis(dipyrrinato) metal complexes.

TitleSelf-assembled cyclic oligomers of bis(dipyrrinato) metal complexes.
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsMiao, Q, Ma, L, Dolphin, D
Date Published2010///
PublisherAmerican Chemical Society

Studies on metal coordinated macrocycles have become an active research field in recent years. Metallosupramol. complexes can be formed through self-assembly processes driven by ligand metal coordination, and are widely used in host-guest chem. and gas storage. Dipyrromethene derivs. which can provide neutral oligomers when coordinated to various metals have been used to construct uncharged supramol. cyclic architectures. Here, two terminal dippyromethene units were linked at the meso position by an angled spacer. The coordination reactions between these dipyrrin "dimers" and metals produced a mixt., which contains self-assembled oligomers of different core sizes. The formation of the oligomers was confirmed by MALDI-TOF mass spectroscopy. The structure of the trimeric and pentameric structures have been defined by X-ray diffraction anal. This is also the first time a dipyrrin pentameric complex structure has been reported. Details will be presented in the poster. [on SciFinder(R)]