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Solid state NMR studies of the hydration of molecular sieve AlPO-36

TitleSolid state NMR studies of the hydration of molecular sieve AlPO-36
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsFyfe, CA, Bretherton, JL, Skibsted, J, Zahedi-Niaki, MH, Kalliaguine, S
EditorVanSteen, E, Claeys, M, Callanan, LH
Book TitleRecent Advances in the Science and Technology of Zeolites and Related Materials, Pts a - C
Series TitleStudies in Surface Science and Catalysis
PublisherElsevier Science Bv
ISBN Number0167-29910-444-51805-3
KeywordsAlPO-36, aluminophosphate molecular sieves, NMR

Al-27 and (31)p solid state MAS NMR spectra obtained at high field for the aluminophosphate AIPO-36 show that the hydration process produces both 5- and 6-coordinate Al sites. Al-27 MQMAS spectra of the hydrated form show at least four tetrahedral aluminium sites, as well as one octahedral and one five coordinate site. 2D Al-27 /P-31 INEPT experiments show multiple connectivitics between these sites in the hydrated form but the spectra are too complex for a full and unambiguous interpretation and complementary diffraction data will have to be obtained for a more complete understanding of the hydration mechanism.

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