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Syntheses of new ruthenium (II and III)-nitroimidazole complexes

TitleSyntheses of new ruthenium (II and III)-nitroimidazole complexes
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2019
AuthorsBaird, IR, Skov, KA, James, BR
JournalInorganica Chimica Acta
Pagination100 - 107
KeywordsEF5, Etanidazole, Metronidazole, NITROIMIDAZOLES, Ru complexes

Reactions of [Ru(DMF)6]Tf3 with 2- and 5-nitroimidzoles, including the so-called metronidazole (metro), etanidazole (SR2508), and EF5, of known biological value, have been used to synthesize: (a) hydrates of the three new RuII complexes [RuL6]Tf2,(L = 2NO2Im, 5NO2Im), and [Ru(2Me5NO2Im)5]Tf2; and (b) the two new RuIII complexes [Ru(DMF)4(SR2508)2]Tf3 and [Ru(DMF)2(EF5)2(EtOH)2]Tf3. Use of RuCl3٠3H2O as precursor generates hydrates of the complexes: fac- and mer-RuCl3(2NO2Im)3, mer-RuCl3(metro)3, RuCl3(SR2508)2(EtOH), RuCl3(EF5)2(EtOH), and trans-RuCl2(metro)4; a less well characterized complex is formulated RuCl3(2Me5NO2Im)3٠3CO2 containing what appears to be adsorbed CO2.