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Visual Detection of DNA on Paper Chips

TitleVisual Detection of DNA on Paper Chips
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsSong, Y, Gyarmati, P, Araujo, ACatarina, Lundeberg, J, , , Stahl, PL
Date PublishedFEB 4

On-site DNA analysis for diagnostic or forensic purposes is much anticipated in the future of molecular testing. Yet the challenges to achieve this goal remain large with rapid and inexpensive detection and visualization being key factors for any portable analysis system. We have developed a filter paper-based nucleic acid assay, which is able to identify and distinguish dog and human genomic and mitochondrial samples in a forensic setting. The filter paper material allows for transport by capillary force of the sample DNA through the detection surface, allowing the targets to hybridize specifically to their complementary capture sequences. Coupling micrometer-sized beads to DNA allows the results to be visualized by the naked eye, enabling instant, cost-efficient, and on-site detection, while eliminating the need for advanced expensive instrumentation.