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Melchior, M. ; Thompson, K. H. ; Jong, J. M. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Shuter, E. ; Yuen, V. G. ; Zhou, Y. ; McNeill, J. H. ; Orvig, C. Vanadium Complexes As Insulin Mimetic Agents: Coordination Chemistry And In Vivo Studies Of Oxovanadium(Iv) And Dioxovanadate(V) Complexes Formed From Naturally Occurring Chelating Oxazolinate, Thiazolinate, Or Picolinate Units. Inorganic Chemistry 1999, 38, 2288-2293.
Shuter, E. ; Hoveyda, H. R. ; Karunaratne, V. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Orvig, C. Bis(Ligand) Rhenium(V) And Technetium(V) Complexes Of Two Naturally Occurring Binding Moieties (Oxazoline And Thiazoline). Inorganic Chemistry 1996, 35, 368-372.