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Sharp, W. B. ; Daff, P. J. ; McNeil, W. S. ; Legzdins, P. The Elusive 16-Electron Cp*m(No)Me-2 (M = Mo, W) Complexes And Their Spontaneous Conversions To Cp*m(Nme)(O)Me Isomers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2001, 123, 6272-6282.
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Ge, X. ; Campbell, R. E. ; van de Rijn, I. ; Tanner, M. E. Covalent Adduct Formation With A Mutated Enzyme: Evidence For A Thioester Intermediate In The Reaction Catalyzed By Udp-Glucose Dehydrogenase. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1998, 120, 6613-6614.
Legzdins, P. ; Lumb, S. A. ; Young, V. G. Ligand Elaboration Mediated By A Cp*w(No) Template: Stepwise Incorporation Of Small Molecules Into A Tungsten Vinyl Fragment. Organometallics 1998, 17, 854-871.
Kan, Z. Y. ; Taylor, S. M. ; Comisarow, M. B. Gas-Phase Ion Chemistry Of (Eta(6)-C-C7H8)Cr(Co)(3) By Ft-Icr Spectroscopy - Beta-Hydride Transfer In Organometallic Ions. Journal of the American Chemical Society 1994, 116, 4449-4454.