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Shaver, M. P. ; Johnson, S. A. ; Fryzuk, M. D. Activation And Cleavage Of Alkynes By The Dinuclear Tantalum Complexes ([Npn]Ta)(2)(Mu-H)(4) And ([Npn]Ta)(2)(Mu-Eta(1):eta(2)-N-2)(Mu-H)(2) (Where Npn = Php(Ch2Sime2Nph)(2)). Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 2005, 83, 652-660.
Bexrud, J. A. ; Beard, J. D. ; Leitch, D. C. ; Schafer, L. L. Intramolecular Hydroamination Of Unactived Olefins With Ti(Nme2)(4) As A Precatalyst. Organic Letters 2005, 7, 1959-1962.
Fryzuk, M. D. ; Duval, P. B. ; Rettig, S. J. Formation And Reactivity Of The Zirconium Ethylene Complexes [Eta(5)-C5H3-1,3-(Sime2Ch2Pr2)(2)]Zr(Eta(2)-Ch2=Ch2)(X) (R = Me, Pr (I); X = Br, C5H5). Canadian Journal of Chemistry-Revue Canadienne De Chimie 2001, 79, 536-545.
Fryzuk, M. D. ; Huang, L. ; McManus, N. T. ; Paglia, P. ; Rettig, S. J. ; White, G. S. Synthesis And Reactivity Of The Iridium Vinylidene Ir=C=Ch2[N(Sime2Ch2Pph2)2] - Formation Of Carbon-Carbon Bonds Via Migratory Insertion Of A Vinylidene Unit. Organometallics 1992, 11, 2979-2990.