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Cyr, P. W. ; Patrick, B. O. ; James, B. R. A Remarkable Temperature-Dependent, Accidental Degeneracy Of P-31 Nmr Chemical Shifts In Ru(Ii) Diphosphine/diimine Complexes. Chemical Communications 2001, 1570-1571.
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Macfarlane, K. S. ; Rettig, S. J. ; Liu, Z. Q. ; James, B. R. The Co-Crystallization Of Ru((R)-Binap)(Eta(3)-Me-Allyl)(2) And Binap Dioxide, And Synthesis Of Ru(Ph2P(Ch2)(4)Pph2)(Eta(3)-Me-Allyl)(2). Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 1998, 557, 213-219.
Fogg, D. E. ; James, B. R. ; Kilner, M. A Comparison Of Catalytic Activity For Imine Hydrogenation Using Ru Ditertiary Phosphine Complexes, Including Chiral Systems. Inorganica Chimica Acta 1994, 222, 85-90.