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Williams, D. E. ; Dawe, S. C. ; Kent, M. L. ; Andersen, R. J. ; Craig, M. ; Holmes, C. F. B. Bioaccumulation And Clearance Of Microcystins From Salt Water, Mussels, Mytilus Edulis, And In Vivo Evidence For Covalently Bound Microcystins In Mussel Tissues. Toxicon 1997, 35, 1617-1625.
Williams, D. E. ; Craig, M. ; Holmes, C. F. B. ; Andersen, R. J. Ferintoic Acids A And B, New Cyclic Hexapeptides From The Freshwater Cyanobacterium Microcystis Aeruginosa. Journal of Natural Products 1996, 59, 570-575.
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