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Thomas, J. M. ; Ting, R. ; Perrin, D. M. High Affinity Dnazyme-Based Ligands For Transition Metal Cations - A Prototype Sensor For Hg2+. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 2004, 2, 307-312.
Ting, R. ; Lermer, L. ; Thomas, J. ; Roupioz, Y. ; Perrin, D. M. Selection And Characterization Of Dnazymes With Synthetically Appended Functionalities: A Case Of A Synthetic Rnasea Mimic. Pure and Applied Chemistry 2004, 76, 1571-1577.
Ting, R. ; Thomas, J. M. ; Lermer, L. ; Perrin, D. M. Substrate Specificity And Kinetic Framework Of A Dnazyme With An Expanded Chemical Repertoire: A Putative Rnasea Mimic That Catalyzes Rna Hydrolysis Independent Of A Divalent Metal Cation. Nucleic Acids Research 2004, 32, 6660-6672.