Chemistry 154: Chemistry for Engineering

Course Level: 
First Year
Academic Year: 


CHEM 154:  Chemistry for Engineering Course pack (1st ed). 

Chem 154 Laboratory Manual, by Nussbaum et al.,

The first half of this course is focused on an introduction to chemical ideas which are needed to understand the basic properties of materials. The second half of the course is an introduction to basic thermodynamic and kinetic ideas useful in working with chemical processes.


Unit 1:  The periodic table and atomic structure Atomic models, electronic configurations, one-electron spectroscopy, periodic trends.

Unit 2:  Chemical bonding and molecular structure Lewis structures, resonance, VSEPR, polarity.

Unit 3: Molecules and materials Intermolecular forces, polymers, gases, phase transitions,

Unit 4: Energy and chemistry Heat, work, internal energy, enthalpy

Unit 5: Entropy and the second and third laws of thermodynamics Entropy, spontaneity, Gibbs free energy.

Unit 6: Chemical equilibrium Thermodynamics of systems at equilibrium, solubility, common-ion effect.

Unit 7: Chemical kinetics Initial rates, integrated rate laws, kinetic molecular theory, mechanisms, catalysis.

Unit 8: Electrochemistry Nernst equation, corrosion, Pourbaix diagrams, electrolysis.