Chemistry 213: Organic Chemistry

Course Level: 
Second Year
Academic Year: 

TEXTBOOK:  Brown/Foote/Iverson/Anslyn Organic Chemistry, 6th Ed.

12 Infra-red spectroscopy - basics of stretches correlated to functional groups
13 NMR basics - only 1H and 13C and no coupling of C to H; NMR of functionalized molecules, spin-spin coupling, chemical shifts
14 Mass-spec - basics of fragmentation of alkanes, alcohols, halids, ketones, amines
16.8-16.12 Carbonyl-containing compounds: ketones and aldehydes - Wittig, addition of O/N nucleophiles, oxidation and reduction, reactions at alpha carbon.
17 Carboxylic acids: basic nomenclature, acidity, reduction, conversion to acid halides, decarboxylation of betaketo acids
18 Derivatives of carboxylic acids - anhydrides, esters, amides, acid halides and reactions thereof with amines, hydroxide, carbon anions, enolates, organocuprates.
19 Enolates and enamines, Claisen, Dieckmann condensations, acetoacetate synthesis, malonic ester synthesis, Michael additions, crossed enolate additions, directed enolate preparation and addition.
20 Dienes - conjugation, Diels Alder addition
21 Benzene - concepts of aromaticity, phenols, reactions at benzylic carbons
22 Reactions on benzene - electrophilic aromatic substitution, nucleophilic aromatic substitution
23 Amines: structure, classification, nomenclature, basicity, preparation