Chemistry 218: Fundamentals of Reactivity in Inorganic Chemistry

Course Level: 
Second Year
Academic Year: 

A. Introduction and recap of prerequisite material

•       Mechanisms and techniques to study mechanisms

B. Spectroscopy

•       Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) theory and applications

•       IR and UV-Vis spectroscopy

•       X-ray diffraction

C. Substitution reactions

•       Mechanisms of substitution with octahedral complexes and square planar complexes

D. Organometallic complexes

•       18 electron rule

•       Fundamental reactions

•       Metal multiply bonded systems

E. Main group

•       Differences and similarities between p-block and d-block reactivity

•       Reactions of Group 13-15 elements

F. Oxidation and Reduction

•       1. Redox reactions & oxidation states in inorganic chemistry

•       2. Marcus theory of electron transfer

G. Special topics