Chemistry 245: Techniques in Organic Chemistry

Course Level: 
Second Year
Academic Year: 

Open only to students in Chemistry or Biochemistry specializations. [0-3-0]

Pre-requisite: Either (a) CHEM 203 or (b) CHEM 233 and CHEM 235.

Co-requisite: CHEM 213

Chemistry 245 is a 1 credit laboratory course which is designed to accompany the organic lecture course CHEM 213.  This course is offered only during Term 2 of the winter session.  CHEM 245 will emphasize synthetic transformations, the purification of the resulting product(s), and the characterization of the resulting products by gas chromatography and/or infrared spectroscopy.  The focus will be on separation by distillation (simple vacuum and fractional vacuum) because three of the experiments provide liquid products. 

Required materials include the Chemistry 245 Laboratory Manual (available for purchase in January), the lab text “Introductory Organic Laboratory Techniques, 2010 edition”, and the Hayden-McNeil Student Lab Notebook (with Spiral Binding, 100 Carbonless Duplicate Sets, Top-Perforated; available in UBC Bookstore), a 100% cotton knee-length lab coat, safety glasses, and nitrile gloves.  More details will be posted on the course Connect site.

Students will be graded on a combination of their lab technique, product quantity and quality, as well as written submissions including in-lab quizzes and lab reports.  A practical lab exam and a one-hour written lab exam will also be used to evaluate student learning.

Experimental work will begin the week of January 7, 2013.