Chemistry 304: Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry

Course Level: 
Third Year
Academic Year: 

Recommended Text:

Physical Chemistry by Ira N. Levine, McGraw-Hill, 5th Ed'n (2002).
Physical Chemistry by P. W. Atkins and J. De Paula, W. H. Freeman, 2009 (or earlier)


  • Review of second year thermodynamics.
  • Statistical Mechanics: Boltzmann distribution, fundamental postulates,
    ensembles, microstates, non-interacting systems, particle partition functions
    translational, rotational, and vibration contributions to partition functions
    Equipartition Principle, applications of Statistical Mechanics and
    connection with thermodynamics
  • Solutions: Open systems, partial molar quantities, standard states,
    Gibbs-Duhem equation, ideal and non-ideal solutions, Raoult's and
    Henry's laws.
  • Applications: Osmotic pressure, ion activities, Donnan membrane equilibrium,
    active and passive transport, electrochemical potential, chemical equilibria.