Chemistry 319: Practical Skills for Chemical Research

Course Level: 
Third Year
Academic Year: 

Instructor: Dr. Reinhard Jetter


This course is a suite of interactive classes going step-by-step through the stages of a research project, the idea being to help 3rd-year (honours) students prepare for their 449 studies. The first half of the course is on preparations/planning and the second half on data analysis and thesis/paper writing. We shortcut the data acquisition step that would happen in between these two, and pretend to come back from reading week with all experiments done. In between, a guest lecture (by graduate students) is complementing my perspective:

Week 1 Intros
Week 2 Nature of Science / Choosing a project
Week 3  Literature searches / Archiving papers
Week 4 Project planning / Citing
Week 5 LMC digest / Proposal writing
Week 6  Guest lecture
Week 7 Data analysis
Week 8 Making figures
Week 9

LMC digest / Making figures

Week 10  Technical writing
Week 11 Opus writing (thesis / paper)
Week 12  CV / Job application / Interviews
Week 13 Course reflections