Chemistry 410: Physical Chemistry of the Solid State

Course Level: 
Fourth Year
Academic Year: 


CHEM 410/502. (3) Physical Chemistry of the Solid State ¬ Introduction to the theory of electrons in solids; bands and zones. Absorption of light and excitons. Vacancies, interstitials, electronic defects and dislocations and their roles in chemical reactivity.


CHEM 202 and (CHEM 201 or CHEM 205)


Introduction to Solid State Physics, 8th Ed. (Wiley, NY, 2004) by C. Kittel
Solid State Chemistry, 4th Ed. (CRC, NY, 2012) by L.E. Smart and E.A. Moore
Basic Solid State Chemistry, 2nd Ed. (Wiley, NY, 1999) by A.R. West

General Outline

  1. Basic crystal structures
  2. Review of Quantum Mechanics
  3. Free electron Fermi gas
  4. Review of Statistical Mechanics
  5. Fermi surfaces and metals
  6. Energy bands
  7. Semiconductors
  8. Superconductors
  9. Interaction of light with solids: phonon, electromagnetic wave, polariton, plasmon and exciton
  10. Defects and chemical reactivity