Chemistry 448: Directed Studies

Course Level: 
Fourth Year
Academic Year: 

CHEM 448 is a three-credit course (which may be taken up to two times) in which students complete a research project under the direction of a faculty member. Projects normally will be laboratory-based but may include library or field work. The nature and scope of the project is to be negotiated between the student and the prospective supervisor. Students wishing to register in CHEM 448 must make prior arrangements with a faculty member and then complete an application form (see link below).

CHEM 448 is intended to allow students to experience research, particularly in the summer after their third year of studies. This course will allow students an opportunity to work in a research-active laboratory and to learn essential research skills. At the end of the course, they will be in a better position to be hired in a research laboratory. They may also decide to pursue graduate studies based on this experience.

CHEM 448 is generally only available during the summer session, except for students with reduced winter-session course loads (permission from the Undergraduate Chemistry Advisor is required). During the summer, this course is available in two different seven-week periods each for three credits. Students registered in the first session of CHEM 448 may, with permission, continue for a subsequent seven weeks to earn an additional three credits. The weekly time commitment must be discussed with the supervisor prior to commencing the research project but it is expected that students will generally be in the laboratory daily. A contact time of 144 hours is expected for each three-credit unit of CHEM 448. For students taking CHEM 448 during the winter session, a similar time commitment would be expected for each three-credits of CHEM 448 (and thus the requirement of a reduced course load). This commitment is a significant amount of time, but is necessary in order to make progress on a research topic. 

CHEM 448 may NOT be taken in place of any specified chemistry courses or chemistry electives in a majors or honours degree programme.


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