Chemistry 449: Seminar and Thesis

Course Level: 
Fourth Year
Academic Year: 

Chemistry 449 is a six-credit seminar and thesis course in which original research under the direction of a faculty member is carried out. It is the course that provides the BSc Thesis in the Department of Chemistry at UBC.

Chemistry 449 is required of all Honours students in the Department of Chemistry. Students in a Combined Honours programme may opt for a senior thesis in either Chemistry or the other department. Chemistry 449 is also available to Majors students who have sufficient academic standing and the permission of the senior undergraduate advisor (G. Bates).

Research topics are chosen at the beginning of the final year of study from a selection submitted by faculty members. Students may make prior arrangements with faculty members regarding thesis topics. Those not doing so will be able to request a topic from among those made available in September at the first meeting of the class.

Students in this course are required to present a seminar on their research in the spring term. They are also required to submit a thesis that describes their research project. Students defend their thesis before a committee made up from faculty members of the department. This process is adjudicated and a final grade in the course is then submitted to the Registrar’s Office. There is no formal written examination in this course.