Chemistry 533: Bioanalytical Chemistry

Course Level: 
Graduate Level
Academic Year: 

Session: Winter

Instructor: Dr. Russ Algar 
Office Hours: TBD


No textbook is required for this course.

Course Description

CHEM 533 is a survey of essential, established, and emerging topics in bioanalytical chemistry. These topics include, but are not necessarily limited to, scientific publishing, biomolecules, ensemble and single-molecule fluorescence, surface plasmon resonance, optical resonators, electrochemical sensors, Raman spectroscopy, amplification methods, piezoelectric sensors, microfluidics, single-cell analysis, nanopores, omics, arrays, and chemometrics and bioinformatics. Students will be active in critically assessing an discussing contemporary bioanalytical chemistry research, and will write a short proposal based on their graduate research.