Chemistry 563: Physical and Theoretical Organic Chemistry

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Energetics and catalysis in organic reactions. Pericyclic Reactions; Substituent Effects; Linear Free Energy Relationships. Prerequisite: Chemistry 313 or 330.

A.Perturbation Molecular Orbital Theory

HOMO-LUMO Interactions, Frontier Molecular Orbitals, Aromaticity, Odd and Even Alternant Hydrocarbons, Pericyclic Reactions (Cycloadditions, Electrocyclic Reactions, Sigmatropic Rearrangements), The Woodward-Hoffman Rules.

B.Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of Organic Reactions

Free Energy Changes, The Arrhenius Equation, Transition State Theory, The Eyring Equation, Diffusion Controlled Reactions, The Mechanistic Significance of D H‡ and D S‡, Kinetic versus Thermodynamic Control of Organic Reactions, The Hammond Postulate, The Curtin-Hammett Principle; Kinetic Isotope Effects, The Reactivity-Selectivity Principle, Substituent Effects, the Hammett Equation, Linear Free Energy Relationships.

C.Organic Photochemistry

Absorption of Light by Organic Molecules, Jablonsky Diagrams, Morse Potential Energy Curves, n,p * versus p ,p * Excited States, Singlets and Triplets, Quantum Yields, Triplet-Triplet Energy Transfer, Stern-Volmer Kinetics, Examples of Common Photochemical Reactions (Norrish Type I and II Reactions, [2+2] Photocycloadditions, Oxetane Formation, The Di-p -Methane Rearrangement, Enone Photorearrangements, cis,trans-Photoisomerization of Alkenes, Singlet Oxygen Reactions).


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