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Chemistry Welcomes New Faculty Member Dr. Amani Hariri

The Department of Chemistry is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Amani Hariri as an Assistant Professor in the area of biological chemistry with a focus on biosensing. She will join the department January 1st , 2023.

Dr. Hariri completed her PhD in Chemistry at McGill University, where she focused on using single molecule fluorescence methodologies to optimize the assembly of artificial DNA nanostructures to enable their applications in drug delivery and medicine. In 2016, she started her postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University (School of Engineering) in the lab of Prof. Tom Soh where she is currently an instructor (School of Medicine). In the Soh lab, she is exploring the design of novel materials, structure switching probes, and optical devices for early detection and personalized treatment of diseases, and the development of “real-time aptamer based-biosensors” that are capable of continuously measuring biomolecules in-vivo.

The Hariri group at UBC will combine expertise in molecular design and optics to engineer novel single molecule tools and transformative platforms for monitoring and diagnostics to help unravel some of the grand challenges of biomedical research. The group will pursue the research areas of optical biosensors, novel single-molecule based diagnostic platforms and aptamer-based switches for multifunctional stimulus-responsive Nano-systems.